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Raptorsfire, which was located at the end of the Cathedral Close road, appeared to be guarding the opening under the iconic Pull’s Ferry building, which dates from the 15th century.  Beautifully designed and painted by talented local artist, Jessica Copping, this dragon seems to be enhanced by the location, with the fiery glow standing out dramatically next to the stone and brick of the historic building.  It is inspired by the idea of dragons evolving in a similar way to the current theory of dinosaurs developing feathers and of their connection to modern birds, in particular raptors.  To that concept Jessica has added the colours of intertwined flames of fire – the result is, without any doubt, my favourite dragon of the trail!  The way the sunlight in the late afternoon made the gold between the wings glow was just amazing!  To see more of Jessica’s art click her name link below.

Artist: Jessica Copping

Sponsor: Cook’s Blinds & Shutters Ltd